“We immerse them in a “sea of love.” Physical pain is not difficult to manage or relieve. It is the other pain – emotional, spiritual and psychological – that cannot be treated with a pill.”  

Dr. Michael Brescia

Calvary Hospital has always had a unique and sacred mission.  Calvary is the only hospital designed to provide comfort-giving care to people at the end of life.  But even more important than advanced palliative medical care is that the end-of-life experience for every one of our patients and their loved ones take place in an environment of love, comfort, compassion and dignity.

Calvary Hospital’s priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of patients, visitors, and staff at all times. For COVID-19 updates click here.

Most patients who come to Calvary know they are dying. We provide them with compassion as they face the end of their days, to ease the terrible suffering in their bodies and minds, and to cushion the blow of tragedy on the shoulders of their loved ones.

We never turn patients away, and we won’t take short cuts that reduce care.  We will do whatever our patients need in their days of greatest vulnerability. 

Calvary depends on the generosity of our donors that understand the importance of our work and mission. Despite limits on insurance coverage and reimbursement, Calvary is a vital, growing, and indispensable part of the healthcare landscape.

“Calvary Hospital is amazing, more than words could ever express.  The care and compassion the staff has is tremendous.  My dad had end-stage lung disease.  From the staff that mops the floor to the nurses, they took care of him as if he was their father.  I couldn’t believe how caring everyone was.”