It’s really never too early – or too late – to do retirement planning.

On the one hand, the younger you are, the more you benefit from a longer period of time to accumulate assets and invest them, as well as think about how best to spend them once you finally retire. Even if you make some mistakes in the process or become preoccupied with other matters for a year or two, time will generally be your friend.

If, on the other hand, you’ll soon be retiring or have perhaps retired already, you’ll want to use the time and resources you have wisely. Still, with a few adjustments here and there, you may well be able to make your retirement years more enjoyable.

Whatever your circumstances, be sure to consult professionals with expertise in areas such as:

  • investments
  • taxes
  • budgeting and cash management
  • various types of insurance
  • estate planning 
  • medical, social, and other services geared toward older persons

With this in mind, Calvary offers the following list of basic points to consider.

  • Determine how you’d like to spend your retirement years.
  • Try to get a good sense of what your desired lifestyle will cost. 
  • Save as much as you reasonably can and invest appropriately. 
  • Maximize the financial resources you can draw upon in retirement. 

 Don’t forget to check out number 5 at the end of the list!